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Dust Out. Vinyl In.

Our record storage cube has a unique door that easily slides from open to closed. Show off the spines or keep your cats out.

Built to last.

We use Baltic Birch plywood to build our vinyl cubes. Google it: it's void free, has 9 plys for maximum stability. This is not the cheap stuff. The joints are rabbeted miters: super crisp edges, continuous grain wrap, but maximum glue surface. We've sold a few thousand of these and have yet to hear of one breaking.

No assembly required.

These aren't flat packed. Shipping costs a bit more, but we think the tradeoff is worth it: no flimsy hardware, no instructions. Also, see above under built to last.


Feet (if you want them) lock into divots on the top of each cube, like certain interlocking plastic block toy. We recommend 4 cubes high, but again - haven't had a single report of a cube breaking from stacking.


Arrange your record storage cubes however works best in your apartment. Then move to a new place and rearrange. (Oh yeah, you won't have to box up your vinyl, just put the cubes in the van). Add a new storage cube as your collection grows.


With 12 door colors, with or without feet, casters, and 2 finish options, your record collection storage can be customized to match your needs.

Made in Ohio.

We're a three person shop in Cincinnati, Ohio. Stop by and say hello. Your purchase supports American manufacturing and your dollars get spent on materials and tools from other local suppliers.

The Details.

Each cube holds approximately 70 lps. The interior dimensions are 13" tall x 12-7/8" deep x 13-1/2" wide, so the storage cubes will almost any box set or sleeve out there. Exterior dimensions are 14-1/4" wide x 14-1/4" tall x 13-3/4" deep. Feet add an extra 3/4" to the height.

Set of six clear storage cubes

Product Reviews

Written by Katrina on Oct 16th 2018

record box

This was exactly what I was looking for for my records. Clean, minimalist lines, and I like that the door slips up and can fit above the records if you want to keep it open. I got the clear panel.

Written by Jerry Brewer on Oct 4th 2018

Record Storage Cubes

I'm glad I found these. The craftsmanship of these beauties is on point. Pure eye candy. I'm ready to purchase another four cubes.

Written by Daniel on Oct 3rd 2018

Record storage cabinet

Great craftsmanship and first class functionality!!

Written by Robert Bennett on Sep 27th 2018

Record Storage Cube

It's the perfect wooden box to keep your records in. With the door closed, the cat can't get in, but it'll be ok if kitty sits on top. Looks cool and the feet unscrew from the bottom easily. $120 for a wooden box may seem expensive, but since lmt.ed. vinyl can run $70 a pop, it's a fair price for the functionality and quality.

Written by K Leavitt on Sep 26th 2018


Very good quality, i love how the wood grain continues from the top to the sides. They are a little smaller than I envisioned, and are a little pricey. i'm going to need another one, but will have to wait, or find something else.

Written by Amina Ramsey on Sep 13th 2018


I purchased this for my brother. He has thousands of albums. He was very surprised and very pleased. He told me that he has been looking at them but they were pricy. I am definitely going to get him some more in the near future. Great workmanship. Solid and easy to stack.

Written by Jay Snell on Sep 7th 2018

Record Cubes

Bought one to see how good they were made. That was a waste of time. Ordered eight more. Got the clear finish with clear door. Really impressed. Looks great! Perfect for music room. No regrets other than need 3 more..

Written by Charles Sullivan on Sep 4th 2018

Record cubes

Very well designed and constructed means of storing my family's vinyl LP collection from the 1960s and 1970s. Everything fits perfectly in four cubes. This product meets all my expectations for reconfigurable storage space, easy access, and great looks.

Written by Teri Curtis on Aug 16th 2018

Record Cubes

extremely good quality, perfect for what we needed. look fantastic and the workmanship is superb. we will be ordering more

Written by Noah on Jul 24th 2018

Pretty Record Storage

Nice looking cubes and are very sturdy. The little windows are cool and should keep dust out. I purchased the ones with round feet and 1 of the 2 doesn't sit perfectly flat so if I press there is an ever so slight wobble. They are sitting on top of my Klipsch speakers so maybe that's the issue but only one of them does that? I will probably eventually sand one or two of the feet so it sits flat. I will purchase more of these definitely as my record collection grows. I am also planning to finish them, they are raw wood so you can stain them however you like when you get them!

Written by Jim Snell on Jul 24th 2018

Record Storage Cube

Love It...Getting ready to place my order for 6-7 more..

Written by Gordon Kelley on Jul 5th 2018

In Plain Sight

I’m moving into my partner’s house and my office will be in a corner of the living room. That’s fine, except that the tools I use for cannabis live on my desk. She has a 13-year-old daughter (who knows all about it) who has more-straight teenage friends with definitely more conservative parents. In other words, I want my nice art glass pipes accessible yet easily hidden because sometimes people will be over who we may not want to encounter all my dabbing/vaping/smoking stuff. I searched quite a bit online for an attractive solution that took up as little space as possible. And voila! Your record box! Please note: recreational cannabis use is legal where I live (Oregon).

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