Simple Wood Goods was founded by Matthew Swaidan in 2014. After working at various Architectural studios in Boston and New York, Matthew realized that his personal sketchbooks contained a lot more ideas about furniture than they did about architecture. A move back home to Ohio, with its low cost of living, made striking out possible, and so SWG was born.

SWG designs and manufactures high quality, affordable, modern furniture and home goods, and provides design consultation services and bespoke fabrication for businesses and individuals alike. We're interested in fun, functional objects that solve everyday problems in novel ways. We use the latest automated and digital fabrication techniques to open new possibilities and drive down costs, but still pick up the spokeshave from time to time. We design and manufacture all our products in our Cincinnati, Ohio workshop, and are committed to using local materials, vendors, and labor whenever we can.

If you're looking for a unique, well made, domestically manufactured piece of furniture for your home, business, or organization - take a look at what SWG offers, or email us to talk about your custom project.